Yusuph’s Arctic Expedition gives rise to Africa’s Center for Climate Change Awareness.

Being the only participant from Africa to the 2019’s ClimateForce: Arctic Expedition, Yusuph has returned home inspired by the words of Sir Robert Swan. On the last day in Oslo, Robert (the founder of 2041 Foundation, environmentalist and polar explorer) encouraged Yusuph to take bold steps in making the world a better place, the final words stuck with Yusuph as an inspiration to date: “You are in charge of Africa now”, Robert told Yusuph.

Yusuph’s work continues to positively impact communities beyond Tanzania. In the past, he worked with the Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots to foster care and concern for animals, communities and environment. He supported Saving Africa’s Nature in conservation efforts. He coordinated Nipe Fagio’s waste management initiatives. He also directed the Global network of Religions for Children in Tanzania to safeguard child rights. Yusuph co-founded Global Compassion to support cross-cultural exchange of students and teachers between USA and Tanzania. He also played a key role in formation of the professional exchange platforms, Tuko Pamoja and DakaNetwork between Dar es Salaam and Hamburg cities.

Yusuph is now pursuing an ambitious goal for Africa, a climate change awareness center for the continent. Aligning Climate Action to Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want, by promoting climate resilient pathways for Africa’s economic development. To receive email updates from Yusuph on the progress of this initiative, kindly sign up below:

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