Marobo Football Club

Ismail Sheha (Dar es Salaam) together with Anne Prax and Thomas Loewe (both from Hamburg) have continued to partner to create a Football Club in Dar es Salaam. Through their collective efforts, they have fundraised to purchase uniforms, footballs, and other equipment for the Marobo Football team. The team now engages 56 children (6 - … Continue reading Marobo Football Club

Female Photographers Program

In 2020, Francisca Damian, Gottfried Eich, and Imani Nsamila partnered to realize a project for young female photographers. The project provided young girls (18 – 25 years) skills to become professional photographers.  The project conducted workshops and mentorship sessions for 26 young women. Imani Nsamila has periodically continued to provide mentorship to support trained women. In … Continue reading Female Photographers Program