The DAKA Network has organically evolved from local practices of mutual learning and dialogues between Dar es Salaam and Hamburg based grassroots organizers, educators, and social change facilitators. Their interest in exchange of knowledge and experiences on the subjects of global citizenship education, social justices, climate change, and sustainability gave rise to establishment of this network. The network was then formed to sustain and amplify such shared interest by formally bringing together stakeholders from the two cities in exchange programs, network meetings and civil society dialogues. Some of the key stakeholders of the Network comes from the official city partnership of Dar es Salaam and Hamburg.To promote partnerships and camaraderie, the DAKA Network supports and compliments efforts of the city partnership designed to improve collaboration.

Over the course of three years, DAKA Network has organized the following three main activities:

Meeting Halfway: On sustainable Development Solutions

Online and off-line exchange programs involving youth educators, social workers, and activists in the fields of social justice, global citizenship education, and sustainability. The first two exchange programs of this kind were realized online in 2020 and 2021 following the Covid-19 outbreak. Prior to that, the network facilitators were involved in a live, on the ground, exchange program called Tuko Pamoja which took place in both cities of Dar es Salam and Hamburg and which served as the foundation for the DAKA Network.

Civil Society Dialogues: On Issues we mostly care about in our communities

In 2021, the need for dialogue and mutual learning among civil societies operating in Dar es Salaam and Hamburg prompted the network’s facilitators to create a space for such fruitful conversations. The first dialogue focused on empowering girls, while the second dialogue looked at the situation of youth employment, and the last one in 2021, offered critical reflection of the progress made by all partners and celebrated their achievement.

Network Meetings: Marking progress and offering technical support

The network meetings are held once a year to respond to the need of partners for technical support. While most network’s partners have long experiences in promoting social change, community issues remain complex in their dynamic nature. Held in September 2021, the first Network meeting assessed shared learning needs and collective aspirations of the partners. Next steps in future network meetings will involve formation of community of practices where partners learn tools for promoting effective social change, apply them in their communities, and reflect insights together with their counterparts in other countries.