Our plans for a professional exchange this year were hugely impacted by COVID-19. Alternatively, we adapted to the use of online collaboration formats to bring together professionals and passionate individuals from Dar es Salaam and Hamburg. On 23rd, 27th, and 30th Nov 2020, we brought together 24 participants in a seminar called “Meeting Halfway–On Sustainable Development Solutions”. The seminar provided an overview of the two recent global frameworks for development –Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement. We also engaged participants in a dialogue on Complex Systems and various tools for social change as we addressed the following questions:

1. How relevant are the international frameworks to real sustainable development?
2. Which competencies are needed to work in complex systems?
3. How can we use our local insights to address critical global challenges?
4. How can we benefit from global cooperation with less impact on the climate?

From left, Sarah, Yusuph and Darin extending sincere appreciation to participants.

The seminar was facilitated by Sarah Nuedling, a consultant and professional facilitator in the field of sustainable development and global citizenship education, Yusuph Masanja, projects planning, visual collaboration coach and the ClimateForce ambassador to Tanzania, as well as Darin Wahl, a Phd Researcher in Sustainability Studies at Lund University.

Thank you so much for the organization of an interesting meeting even in COVID times, looking forward to the next meeting.”

– Andrea Krieger, Ministry of Social Affairs in Hamburg.