Tuko Pamoja: Dar es Salaam/Hamburg Professional Exchange Program for Social Workers, 2018 – 2019.

In partnership with Dock Europe e.V in Hamburg, Germany and GNRC Tanzania, Tuko Pamoja was born to facilitate professional exchange between the city of Dar es Salaam and Hamburg.

8 Tanzanians met with 8 German participants to learn from each other, first in Hamburg in October 2018 and then Dar es Salaam in March 2019. While in Hamburg, participants took part in a Germany colonial history tour, social work history workshop, Learning to Live together workshops, Graphic recording, and language animations. 

Whereas, in Dar es Salaam, the participants met with City council officials, learned cultural diversity at the village museum and interacted with Peace Clubs, discussed about Tanzania education system, gender and religion, global inequality, among other topics offered by expert participants and invited guests.

Tanzanian participants showcased their individual projects to demonstrate different approaches and social work methods adapted locally such as beekeeping, agriculture, women’s empowerment, SDG at the UN, as well as visiting Miseni eco camp, and Gongo village to help fully capturing the different realities between Tanzanian urban and rural contexts.

What (new skills) did you gain from Tuko Pamoja?

– Fundraising. Teamwork. Caring for the needs. Leading teams. Fundraising. Work with community. Knowledge to create projects. Grenzen und Blickwinkel getestet. Baum der Probleme. Lösungen.

– So Many: freies sprechen, Organisation outcome von NGOs, Leben in Tanzania, Schulsystem… Methodologies

What (impact) in your life do you attribute to Tuko Pamoja program?

– I got a new job.

– YES! Contact with people changed my view of how I live in Germany and how my priorities are in my private as well as professional life.

– New network, better performance

– Es hat mir Mut gegeben weiter und immer wieder positiv an Probleme ranzugehen und losungsorientiert zu sein.

– Es hat mich sehr inspiriert für meinen Berufliche Veränderung.