Some participants from the Tuko Pamoja exchange program (2018/2019) partnered to realize a photo exhibition called Two Parts One World. The exhibition showcased parallel realities between Dar es Salaam and Hamburg. Exhibitions started in Hamburg to accompany celebrations of 10 years of the partnership between the two cities. Gottfried Eich (Hamburg) facilitated the success of this exhibition by engaging Caio (photographer from Hamburg) and Imani Nsamila (Photographer from Dar es Salaam) to produce photographs depicting various features of the two cities. The exhibition is currently being translated into Swahili so that it can be showcased in Dar es Salaam as well. Read more

“The exhibition has been shown at different places, it could have been more, but there are too many restrictions because of COVID-19. We hope to continue next year.” 

—Gottfried Eich