2022 Daka Exchange, group photo with Dar es Salaam city officials while in Hamburg.

DAKA is a growing network of professionals based in Hamburg and Dar es Salaam who work together on the themes of social justice, sustainability and education. The network provides space for exchange and dialogue with the aim of building strong partnerships. Since 2018, professionals from both cities representing civil society, government, and education sectors have participated in the Daka network’s exchange programs.

For the majority of participants, the exchange was a critical moment of their lives, which led to new ways of engaging with their local and global communities. It is heartwarming to see participants work together to create new projects and support each other. Recent participants’ projects focused on waste management, climate change, women empowerment, support for people with disability, economic empowerment, sport, art, and culture.

The Daka Network exists to expand this space for exchange and dialogue among professionals in Dar es Salaam and Hamburg, and to support projects created by participants in both cities.