In 2018, Dada Sara Nuedling from Hamburg and Kaka Yusuph Masanja from Dar es Salaam were involved in coordinating an exchange program for social workers between Dar es Salaam and Hamburg called “Tuko Pamoja”. In the following year–2019, Tuko Pamoja second phase was completed in Dar es Salaam. Sarah and Yusuph were deeply inspired by all participants’ efforts to connect, learn from one another and exchange intriguing perspectives. As a result, they wanted to keep such connection and learning space alive!

Following the lack of Tuko Pamoja’s prospect to continue, Sarah and Yusuph developed DAKA, which stands for Dada and Kaka, signifying respect to humanity’s potential for collaboration in making the world a better place. In 2020, their attempt to realize the first DAKA exchange was undermined by COVID-19, thus forcing them to adapt online format as an alternative. Learn more about this online exchange, ‘meeting halfway‘––by clicking on this link.

Sarah and Yusuph are deeply thankful to dock europe eV, Saving Africa’s Nature, Dar es Salaam and Hamburg cities, exchange participants and friends for their heartfelt support. It is this kind of friendship that kept them going despite all the odds.